The Brainfood Advantage


If you’ve made it this far, clearly you’ve seen that Brainfood Tutoring offers up tutors that are the best of the best. But let’s take a moment to go over the Brainfood Advantage:


1. Our Tutors Are Screened for Knowledge and Communication Skills

We teach students how to approach difficult taskwork, how to think for themselves, how to set goals, and how to actualize their goals.

This helps us to output students who are the best and the brightest.


2. Our Website, News Feed, and Tutors Serve Our Communities

We are currently putting together a walk-a-thon with the Make-A Wish foundation, and we offer up community-based news within our blog and on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

We also offer free homework help via Twitter and Facebook!

3. Brainfood Tutors Must Submit to a Nationwide Background Check Before They Ever Step Foot in Your Home

We put your safety and comfort above all else. All of our tutors are screened thoroughly before entering your home.

If you ever want to switch your tutor, all it takes is a phone call or email to your personal representative and you can have a new tutor at no extra cost.

4. Your Initial Consultation and 1st Session Are Free!

Many clients enjoy meeting their tutor and having an initial consultation and session that helps to work out a plan of action. We invite you to try this session free of charge!